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Answers to some of the frequently asked questions...

There is a reason why every professional publishing house requests for your manuscript, not just us. As a writer, you write without paying attention to publishing guidelines, which is okay but it gives you the illusion of higher number of pages than you actually do have. We, like all professional publishing houses requests for your manuscript so we can review it, remove all the bad spaces and do a preliminary formatting to know the true number of pages in order to prepare your invoice accordingly.

No, we cannot. To avoid future issues with conflicting costing, it is best practice never to give a guesstimate to a prospect.

Your manuscript is 100% secure. Our business is primarily to support and help writers fulfill their publishing dreams, protecting your brain-child is our #1 priority. It is safe in our hands.

We understand the concept of planning but we do not do guesstimates, we can only give you the actual cost of publishing your book by reviewing your manuscript first.

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